Schedule for 2009 – 2010

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 09 Zvezdelina Stankova Before and Beyond IMO pdf
September 16 Ivan Matic Counting with Bijections pdfchallenge
September 23 Tom Davis Infinity pdfchallenge
September 30 Lucian Sega Perfect Squares pdfchallenge
October 07 Joshua Zucker Close Encounters of the Stirling Kind pdfchallenge
October 14 BAMA at SCU: Eleanor Rieffel From Photographs to Models: the Geometry of Image-Based 3D Reconstruction pdf
October 21 Tom Rike Heptadecagon challenge
October 28 Kent Morrison Optimal Stopping Rules challengepdf
November 04 David Farmer and Ameya Pitale Combinatorial Games
November 11 David Farmer and Jeremy Van Horn-Morris Curvature of Surfaces
November 20 BAMA at SCU: Robert Bryant Rolling and Tumbling—The idea of Holonomy pdf
November 25 Break Thanksgiving Break
December 02 Matt Beck Mobius Strip
December 09 Tom Davis, Tatiana Shubin, and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle problem set 1 (doc)problem set 1 (pdf)
December 16 BAMA at SJSU: Melanie Wood Random Behavior in the Prime Numbers pdf
December 23 Break Winter Break
December 30 Break Winter Break
January 06 BAMA at SJSU: Bruce Reznick What does “>” really mean? pdf
January 13 Alon Amit Problems about Squares
January 16 Meets at Moscone Center: SIGMAA on Circles The Great Math Wrangle at the Joint Math Meeting (see SIGMAA on Math Circles for Students and Teachers – <a href=””>here</a>), San Francisco, Moscone center. Room 3008. To participate, contac
January 16 Meets at Moscone Center: Joshua Zucker Demostration Math Circle at the Joint Math Meetings, San Francisco, Moscone Center, Room 3008. To participate contact Tatiana Shubin <>
January 20 Tatiana Shubin Introduction to Group Theory doc
January 27 Brian Conrey The Game of Set pdf
February 03 David Auckly Permutation Puzzles
February 10 BAMA at SCU: Federico Ardila Matroids as a Theory of Independence pdf
February 17 Paul Zeitz Prep for BAMO pdf
February 23 Contest BAMO BAMO 8BAMO 12
February 24 Tom Davis and/or Tatiana Shubin BAMO Aftermath
March 03 Tom Davis Kenken and Mathematics
March 10 BAMA at SJSU: Ted Hill The First-Digit Phenomenon, or Benford’s Law pdf
March 17 Timothy Chu, Cynthia Day, Tony Ho TBD
March 24 Joshua Zucker Counting Tilings
April 07 Steve Blasberg A First-Hand Look at the 2010 AIME
April 14 Tom Davis, Tatiana Shubin and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle problem set 1 (pdf)
April 21 Matt Beck Points, Lines, Planes, and Hyperplanes
April 28 Tom Rike Geometric Construction Problems
May 05 TBD Pizza & Puzzle Party!