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Upcoming Sessions

NOTE: The BAMA talk for April has been cancelled. We’re having our regular online math session instead.

Dodecahedron Schedule (ONLINE)

Date Instructor Topic Handouts
4/3/20 CANCELLED     
4/10/20 Spencer Bowen (ONLINE) TBD  
4/17/20 Joshua Zucker (ONLINE) Combinatorics VI  
4/24/20 Meera Desai (ONLINE) TBD  
5/1/20 Elysee Wilson-Egolf (ONLINE) King Chickens Handout
5/8/20 Elysee Wilson-Egolf (ONLINE) Change (Generating Functions Handout

Icosahedron Schedule (ONLINE)

Date Instructor Topic Handouts
4/3/20 Yul Inn (ONLINE) Committees and Configurations Handout
4/10/20 Yul Inn (ONLINE) Desargues Configuration  Handout
4/17/20 Lucian Sega (ONLINE) TBD  
4/24/20 Lucian Sega (ONLINE) TBD  
5/1/20 Joshua Zucker (ONLINE) Combinatorics VI  
5/8/20 Joshua Zucker (ONLINE) Combinatorics VII  

Math CIrcle First Session September 13, 2019

For more details see the “Schedule” tab above.

  • SJMC’s first session is on September 13, 2019. Room details is included in the student’s acceptance letter. Please arrive by 6:50pm. 
  • Tuition payment is due September 27, 2019 but can be submitted earlier. Please make checks payable to ‘United Math Circles Foundation’. Also, do not forget to write your child’s name and class in the memo line.