Schedule for 2010 – 2011

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 15 Tom Davis Counting and Pascal’s Triangle
September 22 David Auckly Triangles take flight pdf
September 29 Tatiana Shubin Chromatic Numbers and More doc
October 06 Meets at Stanford: Terence Tao The Cosmic Distance Ladder pdf
October 14 BAMA at SCU: Michael Starbird Geometric Gems pdf (back)pdf (front)
October 20 Joshua Zucker Breaking Integer Sticks
October 27 David Farmer The Divisor Function
November 03 Bill Gosper Pictures Worth Minus One Thousand Words notesClick Algebra Lesson at the now bogus Google page
November 10 BAMA at SJSU: Francis Su Voting in Agreeable Societies pdf (front)pdf (back)
November 17 Tom Davis, Tatiana Shubin, and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle hwhw solclassclass sol
November 24 Break Thanksgiving Break
December 01 Yul Inn Using Induction and Parity to Solve Graph Problems
December 08 Simon Rubinstein-Salzed Quadratic Reciprocity notes
December 15 BAMA at SCU: Roger Nelsen Math Icons: An Exploration of Images pdf (front and back)
December 22 Break Winter break
December 29 Break Winter break
January 05 Dan Goldston Adding up Infinite Sums and Multiplying Infinite Products
January 12 Joshua Zucker Circle of Differences
January 19 BAMA at SJSU: Kevin S. McCurley The Mathematics of Inequality pdf
January 26 Tatiana Shubin Geometric Combinatorics: Putnam Exam and Beyond pdf
February 02 Joshua Zucker Arithmetic in Non-Base Representations
February 09 Meets at Stanford: Shing-Tung Yau The Shape of Inner Space. String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe ‘ s Hidden Dimensions pdf
February 16 Paul Zeitz BAMO Prep
February 22 BAMA at SJSU: BAMO BAMO
February 23 BAMA at SCU: Ivars Peterson The Jungles of Randomness pdf (back and front)
March 02 Tom Davis and/or Tatiana Shubin BAMO Aftermath
March 09 Brian Conrey Gaussian Integers
March 16 BAMA at SJSU: Jim Tanton Partitions, Weird Languages, Dots and Dashes, and a few more of my Favourite Mathematical Things pdf (front and back)
March 23 Tom Davis Inversion in a Circle pdf
March 30 Tom Davis, Tatiana Shubin and guests A Russian-style math circle hwProblems-and-soluntions
April 06 Lilia Tsalenko Mathematical Induction Math Induction problems
April 13 Steve Blasberg Review of the 2011 AIME Pression from last week (pdf)
April 20 Dan Goldston Multiplicative Functions Pression problems from 4/13 (pdf)Multiplicative Functions
April 20 Meets at Stanford: Manjul Bhargava Linguistics, Poetry, and Mathematics pdf
April 27 Zvezdelina Stankova Plane Geometry Plane Geometry problems (pdf)Presession problems from 4/20 (pdf)
May 04 David Farmer Square-Root Cancellation Presession problems from 4/27
May 11 TBD Pizza and Puzzle Party Presession problems from May 11Pression problems from May 4