Schedule for 2008 – 2009

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 10 Zvezdelina Stankova Classical Geometry pdf
September 17 Ivan Matic Combinatorics on the Chessboard pdf
September 26 BAMA at SCU: Bernd Sturmfels Tropical Mathematics pdf
October 01 Alon Amit Point Sets With Few Distances
October 08 Matt Beck Graph Coloring pdf
October 15 Alon Amit Avoiding Infinity and a Curious Coin Game
October 22 BAMA at SJSU: Brian Conrad Rational Right Triangles pdf
October 29 Tom Davis Conway’s Rational Tangles pdf
November 05 Tom Davis, Tatiana Shubin, and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle probs
November 12 Tom Rike Sums and Bernoulli Numbers pdf
November 19 David Farmer Circle Packing
November 26 Break Thanksgiving Break
December 03 BAMA at SCU: Rick Scott Counting Elements in Reflection Groups pdf
December 10 David Farmer Factorials
December 17 Tom Davis Zome Geometry pdf
December 24 Break Winter Break
January 07 Tom Davis Working backwards to find solutions combinesubdivide
January 14 Joshua Zucker Anyone Got Change for a Dollar? pdf
January 22 BAMA at SJSU: Maria Klawe Winning Strategies for the PSP Game Lumines pdf
January 28 Tom Davis Geodesic Domes pdf
February 04 Zan Armstrong Infinity
February 11 Brian Conrey Powers of 2
February 18 Paul Zeitz Preparation for BAMO
February 24 Contest Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
February 25 BAMA at SCU: Estelle Basor The Utilities Problem and Some Related Topics pdf
March 04 Tom Davis and/or Tatiana Shubin BAMO aftermath
March 11 Jim Tanton Weird Multiplication
March 18 Alon Amit Probability and Paradoxes link
March 26 BAMA at SJSU: Jeff Weeks The Shape of Space pdf
April 01 Joshua Zucker April Fools and other mathematical logic puzzles pdf
April 08 Steve Blasberg AIME 2009
April 15 Tom Davis, Tatiana Shubin, and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle homehome solnin classin class soln
April 22 Matt Beck TBD
April 29 Tom Rike The Pell Equation pdf
May 06 TBD Pizza and Puzzles Party!