Current Year Schedule

San Jose Math Circle 2023-2024 Schedule

Date Instructor Topic
9/26/2023 BAMA with Tom Edgar (online) Providing Perspective on Practical and Pleasant Pictorial Proofs

Shamil Asgarli

Combinatorial Number Theory
10/10/2023 Maria Nogin Four Numbers
10/17/2023 Raghu Subramanian Invariants
10/24/2023 BAMA with Robert Bosch (online) Single-Line Drawings via Mathematical Optimizations
10/31/2023 Raghu Subramanian Slicing and Dicing Problems
11/7/2023 Tom Davis  Iterated Functions
11/14/2023 Tom Davis SETS Planets
11/28/2023  Thai Nhan Straightedge and compass construction
12/5/2023 BAMA with Cornelia Van Cott (online) Card Shuffling and Mathematics
1/9/2024 Tom Davis Mathematics of Sudoku
1/16/2024 Shamil Asgarli Combinatorics: Counting Problems
1/23/2024 Cris Perdue A simplified system of proof
1/30/2024 Ted Alper De Bruijn sequences
2/6/2024  Raghu Subramanian Boolean Algebra
2/13/2024 BAMA with Anthony Bonato (online) Dots and Lines: The Hidden Networks around Us
2/27/2024   BAMO Prep
3/5/2024 Alexanderson Lecture with Stephen DeBacker “Well-known” gems in geometry, number theory, and analysis
3/6/2024 Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
3/12/2024 Tom Davis BAMO aftermath
4/2/2024  BAMA (online)  
5/7/2024  BAMA (online)  


Some topics have not yet been decided, hence the “TBD” = “To Be Determined”.

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  • Group socials are in December and May.
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