Schedule 2022-2023

San Jose Math Circle 2022-2023 Schedule

Date Instructor Topic Handout/Link
10/18/2022 BAMA with Liz McMahon and Gary Gordon (online) The Game of Set Recording Link
10/25/2022 Tom Davis Fractions and decimals  
11/1/2022 Tom Davis Conway’s Rational Tangles  
11/8/2022 Alon Amit Like a Square  
11/15/2022 Tom Davis The Mathematics of Zome  
11/29/2022 Yier Lin The mysteries of probability  
12/6/2022 BAMA with  John M. Lee (online)  The Curvature of Space Recording Link
1/10/2023 Raghu Subramanian Distance-Time Problems  
1/17/2023     Raghu Subramanian  
1/24/2023 Shamil Asgarli Invariants in Problem Solving  
1/31/2023  Raghu Subramanian Game Theory  
2/7/2023 BAMA with Vince Matsko (online) Algorithmic Puzzles Design  
2/14/2023 Alon Amit Calculating by “cheating”  
2/28/2023 Mathew Lee BAMO Prep  
3/7/2023 Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath  
3/14/2023 Tatiana Shubin Bluebird Medley  
3/21/2023 Gabriella A Pinter (ONLINE session) Bracing Architectural Structures  
3/28/2023 Gabriella A Pinter (ONLINE session) Diagonals Galore  
4/18/2023 Tatiana Shubin Parity and Other Invariants  
4/25/2023 Shamil Asgarli Discrete Geometry  
5/2/2023 Alon Amit Big Numbers  
5/9/2023 BAMA with Josh Laison (online) Puzzles in Geometric Graph Theory  
5/16/2023 Raghu Subramanian Mathematical Induction  


Some topics have not yet been decided, hence the “TBD” = “To Be Determined”.

  • SJMC meetings take place regularly on Tuesdays at Santa Clara University (Vari Hall, Room 129) from 7:00PM to 9:00PM, unless noted otherwise.
  • Group socials are December 30, 2022 and May 30, 2023.
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  • Handouts of past meetings will be posted as we receive them. 
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