Schedule for 2011 – 2012

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 14 Tatiana Shubin Cool problems from a Future Book
September 21 Josh Zucker Counting I Counting I
September 28 Brian Conrey Estimating Large Numbers Est Large Numbers (pdf)
October 05 Brian Conrey Congurences Congruences (pdf)
October 12 Tom Davis Iterated Functions Iterated functions (pdf)
October 14 BAMA at SCU: Steven Devlin Networks, Models, and Mathematics: (Note: this meeting is on a Friday) Talk Summary and directions
October 19 Josh Zucker Countng II Counting II (pdf)
October 26 Lucian Sega Geometry Geometry of medians (pdf)
November 02 Dave Auckly A Balloon Introduction to Graph Theory Puppy walk / Eulerian Circuit (pdf)Ballon numbers (pdf)Ballon dogs (pdf)Deeper graph theory (pdf)
November 09 BAMA at SJSU: Matthias Beck How to change coins, M&M’s, or chicken nuggets: The linear Diophantine problem of Frobenius Summary of talk and directions
November 16 Josh Zucker Counting III Counting III (pdf)
November 30 Meets at Stanford: Persi Diaconis Mathematics and Magic Tricks Stanford math website
December 07 Tatiana Shubin and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle Homework (do BEFORE meeting)Problems from the class
December 09 BAMA at SCU: Jesus De Loera Easy to State but Hard to Solve: My Favorite Problems in Polyhedral Geometry (Note: this meeting is on a Friday) BAMA 3 Summary of talk and directions
December 14 Josh Zucker Counting IV Counting IV (pdf)
January 04 Dan Goldston Sequences Problems for this session were from
January 11 Josh Zucker Counting V Counting V (pdf)
January 18 Paul Zeitz Complex Numbers: Three for the Price of One Complex numbers and Trig
January 20 BAMA at SJSU: Kiran Kedlaya Counting solutions of Polynomial Equations mod P (NOTE: meets on Friday) BAMA 4 Summary of talk and directions
January 25 Tom Freeman Problem solving practice with teams
February 01 Nikhil Buduma A Gentle Introduction to Invariants Intro to Invariants
February 08 Josh Zucker Counting VI Counting VI (pdf)
February 15 BAMA at SCU: Tony DeRose Math in the Movies BAMA 5 summary of talk and directions
February 22 Lucian Sega BAMO Prep
February 29 Tom Davis BAMO aftermath
March 07 Josh Zucker Counting VII Counting VII (pdf)
March 14 BAMA at SCU: Frank Farris Picturing Complex Numbers Picturing Complex Numbers
March 21 Tatiana Shubin and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle Homework (do BEFORE meeting)Solutions
March 28 Steve Blasberg AIME 2012
April 04 Tatiana Shubin Beans, Piles, and Other Games Beans, Piles, and Other Games
April 11 BAMA at SJSU: Peter Winkler Mathematical Puzzles that Stretch Your Intuition Talk Summary and directions
April 18 Josh Zucker Counting VIII Counting VIII (pdf)
April 25 Zvezdelina Stankova Is Plane Geometry Plain? Are There Magical Rulers and Protractors? Notes on magical rulers and protractors
May 02 Josh Zucker Counting IX Counting IX (pdf)
May 09 Stan Isaacs Pizza and Puzzles