Schedule for 2016 – 2017

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 21 Tatiana Shubin Decanting problem (AKA Euclidean Algorithm)
September 28 Josh Zucker Combinatorics I
October 05 Matt Lee Fractions and Decimals: Lambert, Gauss, and Beyond
October 12 Zvezda Stankova Proofs and How to Write Them
October 19 Frank Sottile Cardano and the Cubic
October 21 BAMA at SJSU: Brian Conrey Randomness in the Prime Numbers Handout for Brian Conrey 2016-10-21
October 26 Josh Zucker Combinatorics II
November 02 Paul Zeitz and guests Russian-style math circle Homework problems
November 09 BAMA at SCU: Martin Weissman The Secret Lives of Fractions BAMA 2 2016 Secret Lives of Fractions
November 16 Tom Davis Matrices and Probability
November 30 Josh Zucker Combinatorics III
December 07 BAMA at SJSU: Jordan Schettler Number Theory and Music BAMA 3 Number Theory and Music
December 14 Pratima Karpe Exploration of the game SET
December 21 Maria Yershov Pigeonhole Principle
January 04 Josh Zucker Combinatorics IV
January 11 Bogdan Suceava 3D Geometry and geometric problem solving In class problems
January 18 Tatiana Shubin Problem Solving: Counting, Geometry, Algebra Problems for 2017-01-18
January 25 Lucian Sega Pythagorean Triples
February 01 Josh Zucker Combinatorics V
February 03 BAMA at SCU: John Sullivan Soap Bubbles and Polyhedra BAMA 4 Soap Bubbles and Polyhedra
February 08 Lucian Sega Mathematical Induction
February 15 Karl Schaffer Polyhedra on a Shoestring
February 22 Tom Davis BAMO Prep
March 01 Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 03 BAMA at SCU: Jeffery Hoffstein Public Key Cryptography BAMA 5 summary of talk and directions
March 08 Josh Zucker Combinatorics VI
March 15 Tom Davis An Introduction to Group Theory
March 22 Yul Inn Tournaments on Directed Graphs I
March 29 Yul Inn Tournaments on Directed Graphs II
April 05 BAMA at SJSU: Robert Megginson Got Math? We did, Long Before Europeans Arrived! BAMA 6 Summary of talk and directions
April 12 Ted Alper Some combinatorial problems
April 19 Josh Zucker Combinatorics VII
April 26 Tom Freeman Mathematics of Perspective Drawing Perspective Drawing activities
May 03 Josh Zucker Combinatorics VIII
May 10 Stan Isaacs and Tatiana Shubin Pizza and Puzzles Party