Schedule for 2017 – 2018

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 15 Tatiana Shubin (Intermediate) Parity and Invariance
September 15 Tom Davis (Advanced) Pascal’s Triangle
September 22 BAMA at SCU: Jayadev Athreya Benford and Billiards BAMA 1 handout
September 29 Tom Freeman (Intermediate) Puzzles, Logic and Proofs
September 29 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo (Advanced) Tiling Rectangles Tiling Rectangles handout
October 06 Joshua Zucker (Intermediate) Number Theory
October 06 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo (Advanced) Games and Codes
October 13 Lucian Sega (Intermediate) Functional Equations
October 13 Alon Amit (Advanced) Really Big Numbers and How to Compare Them
October 20 Raghu Subramanian (Intermediate) Invariants
October 20 Lucian Sega (Advanced) Inscribed Circles
October 27 Ted Alper (Intermediate) Biding and Bingo
October 27 Raghu Subramanian (Advanced) Information Theory
November 03 Lucian Sega (Intemediate) Systems of Equations
November 03 Tom Freeman and Leander TenHoff (Advanced) Various math problems
November 08 BAMA at SCU: Francis Su Mathematics and Magic of Card Shuffling BAMA 2 handout
November 17 Lucian Sega (Intermediate) Prime Numbers
November 17 Ted Alper (Advanced) Finite State Machines and Markov Processes
December 01 BAMA at SJSU: Susan Durst Powersets and Littlewood-Offord Problem BAMA 3 handout
December 08 Yul Inn (Intermediate) The Euclidean Algorithm and Bezout’s Lemma
December 08 Lucian Sega (Advanced) Adventures in Trigonometry
December 15 Joshua Zucker (Intermediate) Number Theory
December 15 Yul Inn (Advanced) Turan’s Theorem
January 05 Daniel Goldston (Intermediate) Exploring Integer Sequences
January 05 Pratima Karpe (Advanced) Permutations and Puzzles I Permute Puzzles handout
January 12 Dan Brinkman (Intermediate) Cutting Mobius Strips
January 12 Pratima Karpe (Advanced) Permutations and Puzzles II Permute Puzzles handout
January 19 BAMA at SJSU: Paul Zeitz (7:30pm-8:30pm) Continued Fractions and Hyperbolic Geometry BAMA 4 handout
January 19 Andy Liu (5:00-7:00pm) (Combined) Puzzles and Math Competitions Liu Puzzles handout
January 26 Alon Amit (Intermediate) Functions as transformations, iterations and cycles
January 26 Joshua Zucker (Advanced) Number Theory
February 02 Lucian Sega (Intermediate) Sums and Products
February 02 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo (Advanced) P-adic numbers
February 09 Joshua Zucker (Intermediate) Number Theory
February 09 Lucian Sega (Advanced) Moments in Geometry
February 16 Tom Davis (Intermediate) BAMO Prep
February 16 Matthew Lee (Advanced) BAMO Prep
February 23 BAMA at SCU: Deanna Haunsperger A Glimpse at the Horizon BAMA 5 handout
March 02 Tom Freeman (Intermediate) BAMO Aftermath
March 02 Tom Davis (Advanced) BAMO Aftermath
March 09 Subra Subrahmanya (Intermediate) Pigeonhole Principle
March 09 Joshua Zucker (Advanced) Number Theory
March 16 Raghu Subramanian (Intermediate) Boolean Algebra and Circuit Design
March 16 Tom Davis (Advanced) Fractions and Decimals
March 23 Joshua Zucker (Intermediate) Number Theory
March 23 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo (Advanced) Pentagonal Number Theorem
March 30 Joshua Zucker (Intermediate) Number Theory
March 30 Amir Dana (Advanced) Polynomials and Functional Equations
April 06 Lucian Sega (Intermediate) Number Bases
April 06 Joshua Zucker (Advanced) Number Theory
April 13 Marc Roth (Intermediate) Bowling Pin Puzzles
April 13 Matthew Lee (Advanced) Factoring with Fermat
April 20 BAMA at SCU: Thomas Banchoff Cylinders and Mobius Bands: How can we see the difference? BAMA 6 handout
April 27 Lucian Sega (Intermediate) Radicals and Radical Equations
April 27 Tom Davis (Advanced) (Really) Big Numbers
May 04 Paul Zeitz (Intermediate) Expectation
May 04 Joshua Zucker (Advanced) Number Theory
May 11 Stan Isaacs Pizza and Puzzles