Schedule for 2015 – 2016

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 16 Tatiana Shubin Counting the Diagonals
September 23 Josh Zucker Game Theory I
September 30 BAMA at SCU: Ed Schaefer The Miracle of Public Key Cryptography BAMA 1 2015 Public Key Crypto
October 07 Josh Zucker Game Theory II
October 14 Frank Sottile Shape of Space
October 21 Dan Ullman Perfect Squares
October 28 Raghu Subramanian Distance-Time Problems Distance-Time_Problems.pdf
November 04 BAMA at SJSU: Aparna Higgins Pebbling on Graphs: Demonic Graphs and Troop Deployment BAMA 2 2015 Graph Pebbling
November 11 Lucian Sega Divisibility Rules
November 18 Josh Zucker Game Theory III
December 02 Josh Zucker Game Theory IV
December 04 BAMA at SCU: Dan Goldston Sums and Differences of Pairs of Primes BAMA 3 2015 Sums and Diffs Pairs of Primes
December 09 Matt Lee Mathematical Induction Math Induction Problems 2015
December 16 Ted Alper Continued Fractions and Rational Approximation Continued Fractions Problems
January 06 Josh Zucker Game Theory V
January 13 Yul Inn A Bit of Information Theory A Bit of Information Theory
January 18 TBD TBD
January 20 Richard Scott Dots! and Planar Graphs
January 27 BAMA at SJSU: Richard Kubelka The Mathematics of Walking Wiener Dogs BAMA 4 2015-16 Math of Walking Dogs
February 03 Josh Zucker Game Theory VI
February 10 Bogdan Suceava A gentle Introduction to Eulerian Geometry
February 17 Tom Davis BAMO prep
February 24 Tom Davis BAMO aftermath
March 02 Josh Zucker Game Theory VII
March 04 BAMA at SCU: Tadashi Tokieda The World from a Sheet of Paper The World from a Sheet of Paper
March 09 Dmitry Fuchs (1+ sqrt2)**N Dmitry_Fuchs_SJ_math_circle
March 16 Weile Wang Intro to the Isoperimetric Problem
March 23 Tom Freeman Math Wrangle
March 25 BAMA at : Joe Buhler The Power of Cooperation The Power of Cooperation
March 30 Ted Alper Computer Programming in the 18th century Finite Differences
April 06 Lucian Sega Sums and Products Sums and Products Problems
April 13 Josh Zucker Game Theory VIII
April 20 Matt Lee The Steinhaus Conjecture
April 27 Yul Inn Counting rationals using the Calkin-Wilf tree
May 04 Josh Zucker Game Theory IX
May 11 Stan Isaacs and Tatiana Shubin Pizza and Puzzle Party