Schedule for 2012 – 2013

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 12 Josh Zucker Number Theory I Number Theory I
September 19 BAMA at SCU: Tamsen McGinley Proofs you can’t forget
September 26 Tom Freeman and Nikhil Buduma Team problem solving and wrangles
October 03 Maksim Maidansky Mathematical Games
October 10 Josh Zucker Number Theory II
October 17 BAMA at SJSU: David Eisenbud Way Out There on the Edge of the Plane Way Out There on the Edge of the Plane
October 24 Paul Zeitz Counting I Counting I-III (by Paul Zeitz)
October 31 Paul Zeitz Counting II
November 07 Josh Zucker Number Theory III
November 14 Paul Zeitz Counting III
November 16 BAMA at SCU: Alissa Crans Musical Mathematics Musical Math
November 28 Zvezda Stankova Freedom for the Clones Game theory Escape of the Clones
December 05 Various Russian math circle Homework with answersClassroom probs with answers
December 12 Josh Zucker Number Theory IV
December 19 Sally Koutsoliotas What’s so special about relativity?
January 09 Dan Goldston College-level finite business math tests M70 Midterm3M70 Midterm2M70 Midterm1Algebra ProblemM70 Final
January 16 Josh Zucker Number Theory V
January 23 Tom Davis Catalan Numbers
January 25 BAMA at SCU: Shirley Yap Where does the railroad track go? BAMA 4 summary of talk and directions
January 30 Tatiana Shubin and guests Splitting and Sharing
February 06 Tom Freeman Problem solving practice with teams In class problems
February 13 Josh Zucker Number Theory VI
February 20 BAMA at SCU: Katherine Socha mathematical morsels inspired by e. e. cummings BAMA 5 summary of talk and directions
February 22 Tom Davis BAMO Preparation
February 27 Tom Freeman BAMO Aftermath
March 06 Tom Davis Rubik’s Cube
March 13 BAMA at SJSU: Brian Conrad The ABC Conjecture Details and Directions
March 20 Josh Zucker Number Theory VII Homework problem
March 27 Frank Sottille Hyperbolic Soccerball
April 03 Brian Conrey Untiution: How far can mathematical common sense lead you astray?
April 10 Josh Zucker Number Theory VIII
April 17 Lucian Sega Inequalities
April 24 Various A Russian-Style Math Circle Homework (to do BEFORE meeting)
May 01 Brian Conrey Congruences
May 08 TBD Pizza and Puzzles