Schedule for 2004 – 2005

Please note that years older than 2007-2008 have no handouts yet.
The following schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 08 Zvezdelina Stankova Inversion in the Plane
September 15 Tom Davis Mathematics of Geodesic Domes
September 22 David Hayes Graphs
September 29 BAMA at SCU: John Mitchem Paradoxes in Averages
October 06 Brian Conrey Number Theory
October 13 Tom Rike More Euler
October 20 Tim Sanders Figurate Numbers
October 27 Tom Davis Mathematical Biology
November 03 BAMA at SJSU: Francis Su How to Cut a Cake (and Other Things) Fairly: the Mathematics of Conflict Resolution
November 10 Dimitar Grantcharov Triangles and Triangle Inequalities
November 17 Serge Lang What is?
November 24 Break Thanksgiving Break
December 01 BAMA at SCU: Erica Flapan When Topology Meets Chemistry
December 08 Meets at SCU: David Hayes Mathematical Induction
December 15 Bob and Ellen Kaplan Large Numbers
December 16 MSRI event National Conference on Math Circles and Olympiads. (sign up online)
December 22 Break Winter Break
January 12 Helen Moore Pigeonhole Principle
January 19 Tom Davis Optics and Geometry
January 26 Helmer Aslaksen Observing the Sun and the Moon from Different Parts of the World
February 02 Joshua Zucker 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, What Comes Next?
February 09 No meeting! No meeting!
February 11 BAMA at SJSU: Steven Krantz How to Reveal All Your Secrets without Imparting Any Concrete Information
February 16 Paul Zeitz BAMO Practice
February 22 Contest Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
February 23 Meets at SCU: Tatiana Shubin and/or Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 02 Dimitar Grantcharov Games
March 06 Contest BAMO Awards
March 09 Joshua Zucker TBD
March 16 BAMA at SJSU: John Conway Some Very Interesting Sequences
March 23 Tatiana Shubin Symmetry (beyond geometry)
March 30 Brian Conrey TBD
April 05 BAMA at SJSU: Joe Gallian The Making of the 2003 Math Awareness Month Poster
April 06 No meeting! No meeting!
April 13 Tom Rike Fermat Numbers and the 17-gon
April 20 Tom Davis Matrices
April 27 No meeting! No meeting!
April 29 BAMA at SJSU: Helmer Aslaksen Heavenly Mathematics: The Mathematics of the Chinese, Indian, Islamic and Gregorian Calendars
May 04 Everyone Pizza Party and Awards!