Schedule for 2005 – 2006

Please note that years older than 2007-2008 have no handouts yet.
The following schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 07 Tom Davis Counting Things
September 14 Tim Sanders Selected problems
September 21 BAMA at SCU: Dan Goldston Are There Infinitely Many Twin Primes?
September 28 Brian Conrey Number Theory
October 05 Sam Vandervelde Invariants
October 12 Olga Holtz Congruence
October 19 BAMA at SJSU: Mike Beeson The Mechanization of Mathematics
October 26 Ioana Dumitriu Algorithmic Problems and Puzzles
November 02 David Hayes Graph Theory and How to Avoid Instant Insanity!
November 09 David Hayes Combinatorics (Bob problems)
November 16 No meeting! No meeting!
November 19 BAMA at SCU: Colm Mulcahy Magic with Math (Eine Kleine Nachtmagie)
November 23 Break Thanksgiving Break
November 30 Tom Davis Introduction to Geometric Construction
December 07 Meets at SCU: Tom Rike The Heptadecagon
December 14 Tom Davis The Mathematics of Sudoku
December 21 Break Winter Break
January 11 David Hayes Introduction to Finite Fields
January 18 BAMA at SJSU: Scott Kim Tales of a Mathematical Puzzle Designer
January 25 Sam Vandervelde Number Theory (Square Numbers in Particular)
February 01 Elwyn Berlekamp The Game of Hackenbush
February 08 Joshua Zucker Counting: Binomial Coefficiens Everywhere!
February 15 BAMA at SCU: Helen Moore Mathematical Rx
February 22 Meets at SCU: Tatiana Shubin BAMO Preparation
February 28 Contest Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
March 01 Tatiana Shubin and/or Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 08 Steve Blasberg Problems from US Math Competitions
March 11 Contest BAMO Awards
March 15 BAMA at SJSU: Ken Ribet Modularity and Congruence Counting
March 22 Joshua Zucker Counting and Symmetry
March 29 Tatiana Shubin Geometric Combinatorics
April 05 Tom Davis Practical Probability: Casino Odds and Sucker Bets
April 12 BAMA at SJSU: David Bressoud The Art of Counting
April 19 Lenny Ng Platonic Solids
April 26 Tom Rike Archimedes and the Arbelos
May 03 Hidefumi Katsuura/Stan Isaacs Pizza Party and Awards!