Schedule for 2003 – 2004

Please note that years older than 2007-2008 have no handouts yet.
The following schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 10 Zvezdelina Stankova Multiplicative Functions: Some Number Theory and Combinatorics
September 17 Joshua Zucker Symmetry
September 24 Brian Conrey Combinatorics
October 01 Hidefumi Katsuura Inequalities
October 07 BAMA at SCU: Doris Schattschneider Mathematical Problems Posed by Escher’s Tessellations
October 15 Joshua Zucker More Symmetry
October 22 Brian Conrey Number Theory
October 29 Brian Conrey Probability
November 05 BAMA at SJSU: Tom Cover Idiosyncrasies in Sports and Gambling
November 12 Joshua Zucker Polya Competition Problems
November 19 Tatiana Shubin Vectors
November 26 Break Thanksgiving Break
December 03 BAMA at SCU: Frank Farris The Edge of the Universe
December 10 Tatiana Shubin Geometry of Complex Numbers
December 17 Break Winter Break
January 07 Brian Peterson From Play to Conjecture to Theorem, a result suggested by play with Geometer’s Sketchpad
January 14 BAMA at SJSU: Tom Banchoff From Flatland to Hypergraphics: Interactive Geometry on the Internet
January 21 Tom Davis Cryptography and RSA
January 28 Helen Moore The Pigeonhole Principle
February 04 Raghu Subramanian Combinatorial Games
February 11 David Hayes Dicey Polynomials
February 18 Paul Zeitz BAMO Practice
February 24 Contest Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
February 25 Meets at SCU: Tatiana Shubin and/or Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 03 BAMA at SCU: Ravi Vakil The Mathematics of Doodling
March 10 Tatiana Shubin Groups
March 17 BAMA at SJSU: Tom Davis Rubik’s Cube
March 24 Tom Davis Pick’s Theorem
March 31 Arkady Alt Geometry!
April 07 BAMA at SJSU: Jennifer Quinn Proofs that Really Count: Exploring Patterns in Pascal’s Triangle
April 14 Tom Rike Euler
April 21 David Hayes TBD
April 28 Everyone Pizza Party and Awards!