Schedule for 2014 – 2015

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 17 Tatiana Shubin Four Numbers
September 24 Tom Davis Area
October 01 Josh Zucker Number Theory I Number Theory 2014 handout 1
October 08 Tom Freeman Problem solving practice
October 10 BAMA at SCU: Sam Vandervelde Marden’s Marvelous Theorem
October 15 Tom Davis Mastermind
October 22 Laurens Gunnarsen Match Wits with Ramanujan
October 29 Laurens Gunnarsen Match Wits with Ramanujan (part 2)
November 05 Josh Zucker Number Theory II
November 12 Paul Zeitz Russian-style math circle Homework for Russian Circle
November 19 Yul Inn Designing Tournaments Designing Tournaments
December 03 Josh Zucker Number Theory III Number Theory III
December 10 Matt Lee Expanding Fractions Generates Hidden Insights Problems for this session
December 17 Lucian Sega Functional Equations
January 07 Josh Zucker Number Theory IV
January 14 Dan Goldston TBD
January 21 Timothy Ngo and Tom Freeman Monthly contest prize awards and first meeting of 2015 spring term
January 28 Po-Shen Loh Problem solving with the USA-IMO team coach
February 04 Josh Zucker Number Theory V
February 11 Brian Conrey The Pigeonhole Principle
February 18 Matt Lee BAMO Preparation
February 24 CONTEST BAMO Bay Area Math Olympiad
February 25 Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 04 BAMA at SCU: Federio Ardila Tiling in Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry Tiling in Combinatorics
March 11 Raghu Subramanian Mathematical Induction
March 18 Josh Zucker Number Theory VI
March 25 Tom Freeman and Tom Davis Mathematics of Perspective
April 01 Josh Zucker Number Theory VII
April 08 Tatiana Shubin Distances
April 15 Zvezda Stankova Three Squares and Minimal Distances
April 22 Sam Roven Group Theory Group Theory Questions
April 24 BAMA at SJSU: Elwyn Berlekamp The Game of Amazons More info and directions
April 29 Lucian Sega Purple Comet Marathon
May 06 Stan Isaacs Pizza and Puzzles Party