Schedule for 2013 – 2014

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 11 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 1 Notes for Combinatorics 1
September 18 Tom Davis Cryptography
September 25 BAMA at SCU: Cornelia Van Cott Noodle Doodles and Mathematics Noodle Doodles and MathematicsParking coupon
October 02 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 2 Notes for Combinatorics 2
October 09 Tatiana Shubin Mathematical explorations
October 16 BAMA at SJSU: Brian Conrey Intransitive Dice Summary of talk and directions
October 23 Lucian Sega The Pigeonhole Principle and Coloring Problems
October 30 Lucian Sega Modular arithmetic and congruences
November 06 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 3
November 13 Ted Alper Making good matches Making good matches
November 15 BAMA at SCU: Ivars Peterson Pancake Sorting, Prefix Reversals, and DNA Rearrangements Talk Summary and directionsFree parking coupon
November 20 Various Russian-style math circle
December 04 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 4
December 11 Tatiana Shubin Mathematical Induction
December 18 Cornelia Van Cott Brussels Sprouts
January 08 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 5
January 15 Tom Davis Permutations
January 22 Steve Blasberg Graph Theory
January 29 BAMA at SCU: Angela Hicks The Case of the Determined Drivers Talk Summary and Directions
February 05 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 6
February 12 Matt Beck Graph Coloring
February 19 Tom Freeman and Tatiana Shubin BAMO Preparation
February 26 Gordon Hamilton Unsolved Problems from the last 100 years
March 05 BAMA at SJSU: Richard Scott Cayley Graphs and Hypercubes Talk Summary and Directions
March 12 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 7
March 19 Tom Freeman Projections and Perspective
March 26 Cornelia Van Cott Taxi Cabs and Flying Carpets: An Investigation of Metric Spaces
April 02 Josh Zucker Combinatorics 8
April 09 BAMA at SJSU: David Scott Thinking Outside the Box Talk Summary and Directions
April 16 Steve Blasberg Problem Solving Strategies
April 23 Paul Zeitz Gambling and Random Walks (part 1) Handout for April 23 2014
April 30 Paul Zeitz Gambling and Random Walks (part 2)
May 07 Stan Isaacs Pizza and Puzzles Party