Schedule for 2006 – 2007

Please note that years older than 2007-2008 have no handouts yet.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 06 Tom Davis Number Theory
September 13 David Farmer Graphs and Networks
September 20 Sam Vandervelde The Fourth Dimension
September 27 David Farmer Infinite Series
October 04 BAMA at SCU: Ron Graham Mathematics and Computers: Problems and Prospects
October 11 Steve Blasberg Coloring in Mathematics
October 18 Brian Conrey Number Theory
October 25 Tom Rike Steiner and Mascheroni Constructions
November 03 Marty Isaacs Pentagons, Soccer Balls and Euler – Cancelled
November 08 Sam Vandervelde The Mathematics of Zome Tools
November 15 Hidefumi Katsuura Origami and Math
November 22 Break Thanksgiving Break
November 29 Tom Davis Box Packing Problems
December 06 BAMA at SCU: Robin Hartshorne The History of Imaginary Numbers
December 13 Tatiana Shubin, Tom Davis and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle
December 20 Break Winter Break
January 10 Tom Davis Pick’s Theorem
January 17 BAMA at SJSU: Brian Conrey The Riemann Hypothesis
January 24 Tatiana Shubin Mathematical Games
January 31 Tom Rike Steiner Constructions, Infinite Series
February 07 Joshua Zucker Partitions of Integers
February 14 Joshua Zucker Close Encounters of the Stirling Kind
February 21 Tom Davis BAMO Preparation
February 23 BAMA at SCU: Carl Pomerance Prime Time for Primes
February 27 Contest Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
March 07 Laurens Gunnarsen Why 1 + 2 + 3 + … = -1/12
March 14 Steve Blasberg 2007 AIME 1
March 21 Matthias Beck Frobenius Problem
March 28 Tatiana Shubin and/or Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 28 Tatiana Shubin, Tom Davis and guests A Russian-Style Math Circle
April 04 Tatiana Shubin Vectors
April 11 BAMA at SCU: Jean Pedersen My Favorite Mathematical Toys
April 18 Paul Zeitz The St. Petersburg Paradox, and Other Ways to Lose Money
April 25 Tom Rike 300 Years of Euler
May 02 Hidefumi Katsuura/Stan Isaacs Pizza Party and Awards!
May 09 BAMA at SCU: V. I. Arnold Real Algebraic Geometry