Schedule for 2002 – 2003

Please note that years older than 2007-2008 have no handouts yet.
The following schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 11 Zvezdelina Stankova Vectors: Applications in Geometry
September 18 Tom Davis Counting Things
September 25 Tom Davis Big Numbers
October 02 BAMA at SCU: Persi Diaconis Mathematics and Coincidences
October 09 Meets at SCU: Joshua Zucker Accidental Summations
October 16 Tatiana Shubin Math Induction
October 23 David Hayes Pigeonhole Principle
October 30 David Hayes Binomial Coefficients
November 06 BAMA at SJSU: Joel Hass Algorithms in Topology
November 13 Byron Walden Where Do You Stand? A Classic Calculus Problem Done with Elementary Geometry
November 20 Tom Davis Euler’s Theorem
November 27 Break Thanksgiving Break
December 04 Meets at SCU: Tom Davis Geometric Construction
December 07 BAMA at SCU: Bjorn Poonen Elliptic Curves
December 11 Hidefumi Katsuura Inequalities
December 18 Break Winter Break
January 08 Tatiana Shubin Finite Geometries
January 15 Mike Rubinstein Elementary Number Theory and RSA Cryptography
January 22 Brian Conrey Probability
January 29 Brian Conrey Continued Fractions
February 05 David Hayes Modular Arithmetic and Polynomials
February 12 BAMA at SJSU: Richard Scott Triangles – the Thick and Thin of it
February 19 Paul Zeitz BAMO Practice
February 25 Contest Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
February 26 Meets at SCU: Tatiana Shubin and/or Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 03 BAMA at SCU: Donald Saari Mathematical Surprises About Voting
March 05 Tatiana Shubin Complex Numbers
March 12 Joshua Zucker Symmetry
March 19 Brian Conrey Iteration and Fractals
March 26 David Hayes Some Problems in Graph Theory
April 02 Tom Davis Permutations
April 04 BAMA at SJSU: John Stillwell 1, 2, 4, 8: Dimensions We Appreciate
April 09 Tatiana Shubin Groups and Crystals
April 16 Brian Conrey Diophantine Equations
April 23 Everyone Pizza Party and Awards!
May 12 Meets at Stanford: Hendrik Lenstra Escher and the Droste Effect