Russian-style Math Circles

Russian-style math circles are different from our usual meetings. In a Russian-style session, it is the students who talk! Here’s how it works: We will post a set of problems online, usually about a week before the Russian session takes place, and you, the students, try to solve as many problems as you can at home. Then, at the session you can present your partial or complete solutions, ask questions, etc. You’ll be talking to math teachers who can follow your thinking and make suggestions about how to improve your presentation. You will be getting as much help as you want, as well as having the experience of explaining your ideas to others. But relax: if you can’t solve some of the problems, we are there to help. Similarly, if you do solve all of the problems, we’ll have more of them waiting for you at the circle meeting! A Russian-style circle is designed to help you learn to present your ideas and to learn some mathematics, too. Nobody is expected to solve all of the problems; just do your best, come to the meeting, and we’ll be there to help!

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