2015 - 2016

The following schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 16Tatiana ShubinCounting the Diagonals
September 23Josh ZuckerGame Theory I
September 30BAMA at SCU: Ed SchaeferThe Miracle of Public Key CryptographyBAMA 1 2015 Public Key Crypto
October 07Josh ZuckerGame Theory II
October 14Frank SottileShape of Space
October 21Dan UllmanPerfect Squares
October 28Raghu SubramanianDistance-Time ProblemsDistance-Time_Problems.pdf
November 04BAMA at SJSU: Aparna HigginsPebbling on Graphs: Demonic Graphs and Troop DeploymentBAMA 2 2015 Graph Pebbling
November 11Lucian SegaDivisibility Rules
November 18Josh ZuckerGame Theory III
December 02Josh ZuckerGame Theory IV
December 04BAMA at SCU: Dan GoldstonSums and Differences of Pairs of PrimesBAMA 3 2015 Sums and Diffs Pairs of Primes
December 09Matt LeeMathematical InductionMath Induction Problems 2015
December 16Ted AlperContinued Fractions and Rational ApproximationContinued Fractions Problems
January 06Josh ZuckerGame Theory V
January 13Yul InnA Bit of Information TheoryA Bit of Information Theory
January 18TBDTBD
January 20Richard ScottDots! and Planar Graphs
January 27BAMA at SJSU: Richard KubelkaThe Mathematics of Walking Wiener DogsBAMA 4 2015-16 Math of Walking Dogs
February 03Josh ZuckerGame Theory VI
February 10Bogdan SuceavaA gentle Introduction to Eulerian Geometry
February 17Tom DavisBAMO prep
February 24Tom DavisBAMO aftermath
March 02Josh ZuckerGame Theory VII
March 04BAMA at SCU: Tadashi TokiedaThe World from a Sheet of PaperThe World from a Sheet of Paper
March 09Dmitry Fuchs(1+ sqrt2)**NDmitry_Fuchs_SJ_math_circle
March 16Weile WangIntro to the Isoperimetric Problem
March 23Tom FreemanMath Wrangle
March 25BAMA at : Joe BuhlerThe Power of CooperationThe Power of Cooperation
March 30Ted AlperComputer Programming in the 18th centuryFinite Differences
April 06Lucian SegaSums and ProductsSums and Products Problems
April 13Josh ZuckerGame Theory VIII
April 20Matt LeeThe Steinhaus Conjecture
April 27Yul InnCounting rationals using the Calkin-Wilf tree
May 04Josh ZuckerGame Theory IX
May 11Stan Isaacs and Tatiana ShubinPizza and Puzzle Party

  • Some topics have not yet been decided, hence the "TBD" = "To Be Determined".
  • The dark red dates are BAMA talks so there will be no SJMC meeting.
  • SJMC meetings take place regularly on Fridays, in MH-320 and MH-324 at SJSU, from 7:00PM to 9:00PM, see directions.
  • If you'd like to see your name on this schedule page, as a leader of a circle session, contact us!
  • Handouts of past meetings will be posted as we receive them. If you have past handouts that you don't see here, please let us know.
  • Read more about Russian-style circles.