How to apply for Admission for 2016-2017

San Jose Math Circle is now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year. Students and their parents need to fill out an on-line application form. As part of this application students must submit a short essay (see instructions below). We may need to follow-up with phone interviews to make the final determination of admission if we receive too many applications.
The deadline for submission is 5:00pm Saturday September 10, 2015.

We seek dedicated students of mathematics who plan on regular attendance for the entire academic year, which runs from September 21, 2016 through May 10, 2017.

Tuition for the entire academic year is set at $300. The fee covers approximately 30 class meetings so the average cost per meeting is about $10; this is an excellent value. Students will only be admitted in September and we ask for a commitment to regular attendance for the full year. The full $300 tuition will be collected at the second class meeting ( September 28 ).

We may be able to reduce or waive tuition for a few families; please let us know (in person or by e-mail) if the tuition presents an excessive burden that would make enrolling impossible for the student.

Students who were enrolled and had good attendance in 2015-2016 and who are still in 7th or 8th grade can return for a second year by filling out this: Form for returning students

New students may submit an application for the San Jose Math Circle 2016-2017 using this link:
Link to San Jose Math Circle application on jotform website and filling out the form.

The instructions for the essay (on that form) are: Dear Student: please write a few paragraphs describing what you like about math, a particular problem you like or an experience using math that you enjoyed. Please write your essay using a text editor and then upload the file using the "Choose file" button. This essay should be written by the student without help from parents or friends, but parents can help with using the computer if needed. PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THE FIRST LINE OF THE ESSAY.