2017 - 2018

The follwoing schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Grade Level Leader Topic Handouts
September 157-8 Tatiana Shubin Parity and Invariance
September 159-10 Tom Davis Pascal's Triangle
September 22 7-8 and 9-10 BAMA at SCU : Jayadev Athreya Benford and Billiards BAMA_1.pdf
September 297-8 Tom Freeman Puzzles, Logic, and Proofs
September 299-10 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo Tiling Rectangles Tiling Rectangles handout
October 067-8 Josh Zucker Number Theory
October 069-10 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo Games and Codes
October 137-8 Lucian Sega Functional Equations
October 139-10 Alon Amit Really Big Numbers and How to Compare Them
October 207-8 Raghu Subramanian Invariants
October 209-10 Lucian Sega Inscribed Circles
October 277-8 Ted Alper Bidding and Bingo
October 279-10 Raghu Subramanian Information Theory
November 37-8 Lucian Sega Systems of Equations
November 39-10 Tom Freeman and Leander TenHoff Various math problems
November 8 7-8 and 9-10 BAMA at SCU : Francis Su Mathematics and Magic of Card Shuffling BAMA_2.pdf
November 177-8 Lucian Sega Prime Numbers
November 179-10 Ted Alper Finite State Machines and Markov Processes
December 1 7-8 and 9-10 BAMA at SJSU : Susan Durst Powersets and the Littlewood-Offord Problem BAMA_3.pdf
December 87-8 Yul Inn The Euclidean Algorithm and Bezout's Lemma
December 89-10 Lucian Sega Adventures in Trigonometry
December 157-8 Josh Zucker Number Theory
December 159-10 Yul Inn Turan's Theorem
January 57-8 Dan Goldston Exploring Integer Sequences
January 59-10 Pratima Karpe Permutations and Puzzles I Permute_puzzles
January 127-8 Dan Brinkman Cutting Mobius Strips
January 129-10 Pratima Karpe Permutations and Puzzles II Permute_puzzles
January 19 5:00-7:00pm7-8 and 9-10 Andy Liu Puzzles and Math Competitions Puzzle_Andy_Lui
January 19 7:30-8:30pm 7-8 and 9-10 BAMA at SJSU : Paul Zeitz Continued Fractions and Hyperbolic Geometry BAMA_4.pdf
January 267-8 Alon Amit Functions as transformations, iterations and cycles
January 269-10 Josh Zucker Number Theory
February 27-8 Lucian Sega Sums and Products
February 29-10 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo P-adic numbers
February 97-8 Josh Zucker Number Theory
February 99-10 Lucian Sega Moments in Geometry
February 167-8 Tom Davis BAMO Prep
February 169-10 Matt Lee BAMO Prep
February 23 7:30-8:30pm 7-8 and 9-10 BAMA at SCU : Deanna Haunsperger A Glimpse at the Horizon BAMA_5.pdf
March 27-8 Tom Freeman BAMO Aftermath
March 29-10 Tom Davis BAMO Aftermath
March 97-8 Subra Subrahmanya Pigeonhole Principle
March 99-10 Josh Zucker Number Theory
March 167-8 Raghu Subramanian Boolean Algebra and Circuit Design
March 169-10 Tom Davis Fractions and Decimals
March 237-8 Josh Zucker Number Theory
March 239-10 Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo Pentagonal Number Theorem
March 307-8 Josh Zucker Number Theory
March 309-10 Amir Dana Polynomials and Functional Equations
April 67-8 Lucian Sega Number Bases
April 69-10 Josh Zucker Number Theory
April 137-8 Marc Roth Bowling Pin Puzzles
April 139-10 Matt Lee Factoring with Fermat
April 20 7:30-8:30pm 7-8 and 9-10 BAMA at SCU : Thomas Banchoff Cylinders and Mobius Bands: How can we see the difference? BAMA_6.pdf
April 277-8 Lucian Sega Radicals and Radical Equations
April 279-10 Tom Davis (Really) Big Numbers
May 47-8 Paul Zeitz Expectation
May 49-10 Josh Zucker Number Theory
May 117-8 Stan Isaacs Pizza and Puzzles

  • Some topics have not yet been decided, hence the "TBD" = "To Be Deteremined".
  • SJMC meetings take place regularly on Fridays, in MH-320 and MH-324 at SJSU, from 7:0\0pm to 9:00pm.