Monthly Math Contest

This page contains links to our monthly math contest problems. The problems are handed out near the beginning of the month and available on our website. Students are strongly encouraged to work on these problems during the month and hand in their solutions on the due date stated on the problem sheet. Solutions are usually available on our website within a month.
Information about the grading of problems is contained in the monthly problem handout. We award prizes at the end of the year to students who have accumulated the most points from solving monthly contest problems. Many of these problems are more challenging than problems we present in class. Please don't be discouraged if you find these problems difficult; they are contest problems. Working diligently on difficult problems will build your problem solving skills.

Links to problems and solutions:

Links to 2017-2018 problems and solutions
Links to 2016-2017 problems and solutions
Links to 2014-2015 problems
Links to 2013-2014 problems and solutions