San Jose Math Circle and summer vacation

San Jose Math Circle does not meet during summer vacation.
The meeting schedule for 2018-19 will be updated in early September.
We plan to make an announcement on this website about how to apply for admission by August 15, 2018.
The deadline to apply for the 2018-19 academics year will probably be Septembe 2, 2018.

Time to apply to summer Math Camps

San Jose Math Circle does not offer a summer program, but around the U.S. there are many great math summer camps. The best summer programs usually have an application process and are selective.
MathPath is already accepting applications for summer 2018; they have a "rolling admissions" process.

Math Wrangle

A math wrangle is a competition that is similar to a debate between two debate teams.
The teams are first given an hour to solve eight math problems and prepare presentations of their solutions.
After this initial preparation the teams meet before an audience and a panel of judges. The teams take turns challenging each other to solve one of the eight problems. After one team presents a solution, the other team tries to either improve the solution or point out flaws or errors.
The panel of judges award points to the teams for the both solution and rebuttal based on correctness, completeness, clarity and style.

Here are some resources for Math Wrangling: